Kochblume - Spill Stopper S 22cm

KOCHBLUME® Overcooking protection for pots and pans that really works - simply ingenious!


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Cookline Colour
Product number: 21215
Manufacturer: Kochblume
Manufacturer number: 72016.02
Product information "Kochblume - Spill Stopper S 22cm"

Kochblume - Spill Stopper 22 cm - S - No more overboiling - Microwave safe - Available in different colors

No more overboiling! Invented and designed in Germany, the KOCHBLUME®  SPILL STOPPER™ lid ensures that milk, pasta water, or other starch-based liquids never boil over again and ruin your hob. This ingenious silicone spill stopper sits on top of the pot to prevent dangerous boiling overflows.

  • Ø 22 cm - Microwave friend
  • For cooking pots 14 bis 18 cm

Use & Care

  • Wash SPILL STOPPER™ lid thoroughly in soapy warm water before first use
  • SPILL STOPPER™ cover can be used on any smooth rimmed pot. Ensure Spill Stopper is 2 cm larger than the pot
  • Place SPILL STOPPER™ lid with “Stop” facing up, over pot. Leave lid on the pot until you have finished cooking
  • Remove lid carefully over the pot & allow to drain
  • Ideal for steaming vegetables
  • Save energy by using the flower insert to control the boil - reduce the heat when boil is reached until the flower insert closes
  • Microwave safe
  • Heat resistant to 230° - 300°
  • Use as a splatter guard by removing centre piece
  • Made of food grade silicone


  • When removing SPILL STOPPER™ use pot holders to protect your hands from hot steam. Please keep away from open or naked flame
Cookline Colour: Lime

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