Kochblume - Colorful friends in the kitchenducts

KOCHBLUME presents you great innovations for the household and high quality goods at absolutely fair prices. From the ingenious boil-over protection, the Stretchii silicone closure to the roast lid with patented automatic valve! All Kochblume items are dishwasher-safe and temperature-resistant up to 230 ° C. They are available in different sizes and colors. Discover the extensive range in the shop!

Kochblume - protection against boiling over

The cook flower (known from TV) is the ingenious protection against boiling over. It simply has to be placed on the pot before cooking - done. When boiling over, the cooking flower opens its inner petals and catches the water / liquid that boils over.

The cooking flower can also be used to cook vegetables. Simply place the vegetables in the cooking flower and put a lid on it. The cooking flower can also be used to cover in the microwave or in the oven.

  • Temperature resistant up to 230 ° C (briefly up to 300 ° C)
  • Dishwasher safe