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Kochblume - SWISCH Sponge / Lint Brush - Silicone

About 5000 soft silicone nubs unique cleanliness. SWISCH sits perfectly in the hand. The pimples spread particularly effective and efficient, the cleaning agent and solve very effective pollution.
Cleans very gently in an unprecedented purity - kitchen, bathroom, WC and the entire household. No disposable product - always reusable!

  • temperature resistant from - 40° C to + 300° C
  • 13 x 8 x 1,5 cm
  • Over 4500 soft silicone nubs help cleaning.
  • Working with liquids like a rag and dry like a brush.
  • When press increases the surface area
  • Acid - and lye
  • Dishwasher (vertical stand)
  • Form: Kochblume, Cooking Flower
  • best handling and long lifetime

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